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I am so glad you are here and grateful you have taken the time to learn more about myself. Below are more details about my background but above all I want you to know that I am excited to embark on this journey with you!

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My Story

With over 10 years of early childhood experience, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say I am passionate about birth, parenting, and all things baby. Working with expanding families during the perinatal year continues to deepen my love for this calling. I am drawn to helping families through the postpartum period due to the delicate time families share. I started my higher educational career at Colorado State University studying human development and family studies . So it should come as no surprise that in my spare time I love nerding out to the latest research on child and family development and keeping up to date on modern and traditional parenting practices.


In August of 2014,  I welcomed my first child, Annabelle, into my family and continued to grow our family since then. My children's presence has been a welcome reminder to slow down and rediscover wonder. I enjoy traveling and spending time in community.

Through my certification with The Cradle Coach Academy and ProDoula as well as working in early childhood classrooms I have seen how important it is for families to have support through the early childhood year. Having a system that provides holistic and nonjudgemental support can help set families up for years of memories and positive parent-child relationships.

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