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Labor Doula Services

Doulas of West Michigan wants to provide support to you from contraception through the 4th trimester. Doulas of West Michigan is committed to providing you with the most exceptional labor support with the premiere, enthusiastic and qualified birth doulas in the area. 

Your professional doulas are experienced at attending births and supporting clients birthing at all locations in West Michigan. When you are a part of Doulas of West Michigan, you will feel confident knowing your support is right next to you, understanding your every need and wish. Your exclusive labor support will provide superb comfort to you and help you to understand the process with the highest level of clarity.

At Doulas of West Michigan your Labor Package includes the following

  • Free initial consultation - this consult takes about an hour and is a time to ask questions and see if you and your doula are a good fit. You should feel a good connection with your doula and feel confident in their knowledge and expertise.

  • Prenatal support and meetings - We are available to answer questions and help find resources at any time throughout your pregnancy. We also would like to meet with you and your partner (if you are partnered) twice prenatally, to get to know you and your hopes for the birth, provide resources and information about the birth process, and discuss and practice various comfort measures for use during labor.  We also help with birth plans/preferences if desired.

  • Unlimited text and email support - we are avaliable through text/email from the moment you sign your contract. We want to be there for you in any way possible during this time.

  • Support during labor and birth - We typically go on-call starting at 38 weeks. If you are pregnant with twins or have other circumstances that indicate you may give birth early, we make adjustments for that. When labor begins, we will stay in communication with you and will join you whenever you are ready for extra support.  During the labor, we will support you physically and emotionally and will remain with you throughout the birth. We typically stay for 1-2 hours for continued care during placenta delivery and starting to breastfeed.

  • Postpartum care - After you have returned home, we will visit you and your new family.  During this time we can assist you with breastfeeding, answer questions about newborn care, and strategize about how to get enough sleep.  This is also a time to process the birth, answer any additional questions you may have, and help you identify additional community resources.

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